Birthday Cakes for Mom and a Move

Considering I’ve made birthday cakes for most people in the neighborhood, there was no question I would make one for my mom’s. Never mind that I was moving into the city that very same weekend so between cake-making and decorating, I’d also have to pack all of my stuff. Then my delusional brain decided it was a great idea to make two cakes so there would be enough for everyone at the party. Because I can’t seem to keep it simple these days.

I’m proud to say, there were no tears shed over these cakes either, and they took a lot less time to decorate. I might actually be improving!

Cake #1: Yellow buttermilk cake, chocolate and vanilla swiss buttercreams.

Cake #2: Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

I will never tell how much butter and sugar and heavy cream went into this cake.

I know you don’t want to know anyway.

So overall, the cakes were a tremendous success!

The packing and moving, however, were much less exciting. I decided best way to repay the guys helping me move was to provide beer and baked goods. Since I had almost no time to make another dessert, I used the leftover scraps from the birthday cake to make gigantic (manly?) cake pops with berry jam and rum and chocolate ganache. Who wouldn’t want to help a girl move with a reward like that?

(Though they look like raw meatballs, they are in fact much tastier and won’t give you e. Coli).

And then I moved. And have been unpacking ever since. I’m pretty sure I will be using boxes as my closet for a long while.


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  1. Um so first of all, the picture you sent me of the cake you made did NOT do it justice. I cannot believe how much you’ve improved in such a short amount of time. I kind of wish my birthday hadn’t happened yet so you could make me a cake when I come visit. And those dessert pops! You amaze me.

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