On apples and pie

Autumn is approaching. You know what that means? No, I’m not talking about colorful foliage, or jacket and sweater weather (my favorite!), though those are great too.  I’m talking about pie.

Who doesn’t love pie? Seriously.  Even if someone’s not into the whole fruit pie thing, there’s still savory pies, or chocolate, or pumpkin.  Oh man, pumpkin pie.  That deserves its own post another time.

For now I’m all about apples.  In pie form.  Peeled, cored, sliced and pied.  But first, I need to start from the beginning, in a lovely apple orchard in New Hampshire.

My friend Kelly and I went apple-picking the first morning after I arrived in New England.  It was a gorgeous day, and just cool enough that I was finally able to break out my new jacket. (Thanks, fall weather!) We grazed through the orchards, avoiding the small tour of first grade field trippers as best we could.

The best part was that we were allowed to “taste” the apples as we wandered. Though, I would have done so with or without a rule.

We took our time roaming the aisles, but it wasn’t long before our bags were completely overflowing with apples. Back at home, Kelly’s mom and I decided to each use our own pie recipe so we could compare them, and besides, two pies are definitely better than one. She even let me wear her pie-making apron!

We assigned Kelly the job of peeling, slicing, and coring the apples, until she “accidentally” sliced her thumb a little and could no longer do the job.

Kelly’s mom used her favorite apple pie recipe, which I could tell she had made countless times before.  It was awesome and wonderfully easy to make, at least compared to mine.  I used Dorie Greenspan’s apple pie recipe, which was a bit more complicated, including tapioca, lemon zest, and even bread crumbs along the bottom layer of dough.  This was serious business and it took almost twice as long to make as Kelly’s mom’s pie.

As you can also see, mine (on the left), is not quite so aesthetically pleasing.  You can’t really see it either but I left my signature in the form of a “k” on the surface of the dough.  Because I’m cool like that.  The dough however, with its copious amounts of butter, shortening, and even sugar, is pretty amazing.  Both pies turned out to be exceptionally delicious in their own way, and since there are only five of us in this house and two full pies, we’ll be enjoying them for the rest of the time I’m here.


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  1. Kelly

    You are a lying whore. My finger is still healing. That is all.

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