What to make when you break your oven

Why, donuts of course! Or bombolini in this case, little donut holes rolled in sugar and filled with cream, jam, or nutella. Is it donut or doughnut? I never know which to use, but for the sake of brevity (in typing) I will use the former.

You should make these even if your oven isn’t broken. Even if you didn’t stupidly pour water on a hot oven door, cracking the glass window rendering the oven useless and a glass-shattering hazard. (And even if you finished baking your bread with the glass broken, risking said hazard, because you were not about to waste good dough).

Or was that just me?

I was terribly distraught when I learned my oven would not be operational for an entire week. However, I can use this week to make things that do not require an oven. Or get other things on my to do list done without getting distracted by proofing bread or baking cookies.

I also have baking and pastry school to prepare for. I just picked up my uniform and baking “kit”, which is really a gigantic tool box full of ever baking tool I could (and have) ever dreamed of.

But back to bombolini…which I made before I had the baking toolbox (and the small round cutters it includes). Instead, I got crafty and used a shot glass, which is almost as cool as my friend who used an empty wine bottle as a rolling pin.

Like many of my favorite things to make, this dough needs an overnight rest. I know this can often be a deterrent, but let me just say that waking up and having these little guys ready within a half hour or so is a pretty good deal to me. It’s a perfect weekend breakfast pick me up.

My Nana prefers her bombolini filled with crema, and I am not one to disagree. In this case, I used what I had on hand at the time–Nutella. Which I love despite its horrendous marketing as a healthy breakfast option for kids, which it isn’t. And yes, I recognize the hypocrisy since I just suggested you make these for your own breakfast, but the difference is I’m not trying to imply they are healthy. Instead, think of them as a special occasion sort of breakfast. Like cinnamon rolls, which I have been meaning to make for a long while.

Though those will have to wait until we repair the oven.

And since I’ve gotten a few requests for the recipe for bombolini, here’s the one I used.


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  1. RECIPE. I need one. Thanks.

    And as a fun side note, I use empty wine bottles as chicken tenderizers and flower vases. They’re surprisingly versatile.

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