A Tribute to Harry Potter

Nerd alert!

For my cake decorating class, we had to make a “child’s cake” with a specific child in mind for inspiration. I inadvertantly chose myself. And what kind of cake does my inner child/regular self want? A Harry Potter Cake of course! And with a little brainstorming with my art-school-graduate friend in class and my chef, we came up with the most kick-ass cake ever made. I was so excited I decided to document the process, then I can make it again come final HP movie premier.

Step 1: Cut out layers. Easy peasy.

Step 2: Crumb coat. (Thank goodness I’ve had all that practice with previous rectangular cakes!)

Step 3: Add top coat of buttercream. Then chill next to the liver in the freezer.

Step 4: Use a cake comb and make some lines around 3 edges.

Step 5 and 6: Roll out some fondant marbeled with black and yellow for effect, and add your royal icing flood work you made in the previous class.

Step 7: Start getting giddy because it is looking pretty awesome so far.

Step 8: Add your rolled fondant sculpture of a golden snitch and Ms. Rowling’s name to the bottom.

Step 9: Admire, then drive well below the speed limit while transporting the cake home.


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One response to “A Tribute to Harry Potter

  1. Nana & Papa Tom

    buona sera nipote, tu era divertente, vero??? il dolce magnifica. the perfect dessert for a “Potter” gathering.

    Hope all is well with the apartamento.
    ci vediamo,
    amo, Nana e Papa Tom

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