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A Tribute to Harry Potter

Nerd alert!

For my cake decorating class, we had to make a “child’s cake” with a specific child in mind for inspiration. I inadvertantly chose myself. And what kind of cake does my inner child/regular self want? A Harry Potter Cake of course! And with a little brainstorming with my art-school-graduate friend in class and my chef, we came up with the most kick-ass cake ever made. I was so excited I decided to document the process, then I can make it again come final HP movie premier.

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House of the Rising Dough

Dear Reader,

Want to see something cool?

That is all.


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Birthday Cakes for Mom and a Move

Considering I’ve made birthday cakes for most people in the neighborhood, there was no question I would make one for my mom’s. Never mind that I was moving into the city that very same weekend so between cake-making and decorating, I’d also have to pack all of my stuff. Then my delusional brain decided it was a great idea to make two cakes so there would be enough for everyone at the party. Because I can’t seem to keep it simple these days.

I’m proud to say, there were no tears shed over these cakes either, and they took a lot less time to decorate. I might actually be improving!

Cake #1: Yellow buttermilk cake, chocolate and vanilla swiss buttercreams.

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Cake: an emotional rollercoaster

Cake has somehow taken over my life. It used to be a special occasion kind of treat I would make for birthdays, but suddenly there is cake in my home every day of the week. I am in deep water here…I need more vegetables.

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