Blizzard Baking: Part Five

I can’t spend a full day baking and NOT make bread.

In class last week our teacher raved about this bread she once had that used the spent mash (grains) leftover from the beer making process. As luck would have it, one of the girls in my class visited a brewery last weekend and went home with a gigantic tub of the stuff. She quickly became everyone’s friend when she brought it to class to share.

So those of us who wanted to got to bring home some of the pungent, (in a good, beer-y kind of way), soggy grains. You use them as you would a regular soaker, where you soak whole grains of all sorts in water before mixing into your dough so you don’t have little crunchies in your bread.

They say beer is liquid bread, and probably for many reasons, but it makes sense since both are just fermented grain. The carbon dioxide and alcohol dispelled by the yeast give beer its bubbles and fun-factor and bread its rise and flavor. And when you combine the two? Well, you get really dark, flavorful bread that will make the most excellent breakfast tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Blizzard Baking: Part Five

  1. Beer bread. I think I am in love. And I am taking your cue with the comments. Keep it up you boisterous baker!

  2. Hey!
    My boyfriend brews beer and we end up always feeding the spent grains to my chickens. How in the world did you soak them and do you have a recipe I can use for next time??? Awesome find!


    • Hey Joanna!

      You must make this bread! I’m already planning on hitting up breweries for more spent mash because I’m addicted to it. And you don’t have to soak the spent grains, they are already “soaked” after the beer brewing so you just dump them in with the rest of the ingredients.

      I don’t have a full how-to recipe, our teacher just gave us the ingredient measurements. It is just a basic straight dough procedure for bread.

      24oz bread flour
      8oz whole wheat flour
      24oz beer (best if you use the same type of beer as where the grains came from)
      .7 oz salt
      1.5 tsp instant yeast
      6.4 oz spent grains

      Shape into 2 loaves and bake at 450 degrees F

      Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!

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