Holiday Crazies

Happy Holidays my friends! Yes, this is a little late considering we are now in 2011, but I am only just starting to breathe after a particularly exhausting holiday season. Perhaps it was the fact that it was my first Christmas as a full fledged adult (ha!), or because I was overly ambitious in my holiday baking plans, or just that everyone else in the real world returned home for the holidays and I had to shed my recently acquired hermit tendencies. In any case, I am glad it’s all over. Because now I have time to do things like update this blog.

And psych myself up for baking and pastry school which starts in 10 days! Not that I’m counting or anything…

Besides pounds and pounds of bread, and the occasional layer cake, I also attempted to mass produce french macarons to give as gifts.

Of course, only one tray at a time can go into the oven, so this became a 5 hour endeavor.

One which I barely call a success because not one of the discs produced “feet”, or those little ridges on the bottom that look like this. I was so distraught until I realized that even footless macarons are pretty delicious.

A word of warning. Making three flavors of these delightful sandwich cookies will require every bowl you own.

And your dad might decide that he has to change the light bulb when you and the kitchen are deep in baking mode.

But in the end, despite my frazzled condition, I can always count on chocolate cake to turn out.


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  1. Where are my macaroons? That better not be the type of cookie you sent to my house. Because then I would force you to send me more. Oh, and fyi, you look goooorgeous in your about picture. Love the hair.

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