Soup and Seeds

I am all about soup these days. I make it all the time, but never take pictures. Mostly because soup is not that pretty and sometimes looks like baby food. Not to mention, soup is relaxing, and relaxing means putting down the camera and closing the computer. Though the most honest excuse is sometimes I forget that I write a blog about the food I cook.

The other day a friend shared with me a recipe for pumpkin seeds, raving that it single-handedly captured the essence of fall. Turns out, these salt-soaked, cinnamon and sugar-roasted seeds were quite fantastic.

I used the seeds leftover from the butternut squash I chopped up for soup. The soup was also fabulous, recommended to me by one of my new farmer friends at Green City Market. Just roast chunks of butternut squash, carrots and onions until they are caramelized, throw them into a pot with some chicken stock and a dash of cream, then blend it all together until smooth. Simple and glorious. And even better when garnished with the roasted, spiced seeds. If you’re looking for something healthy, hearty, and incredibly delicious, make this.

It would be the case that I want to write about soup but have no pictures, yet I have pictures of rainbow chard and red potatoes and nothing important to say about them. Besides that they were both delicious and made for a colorful meal. So, well, here they are.

And just for fun, I’ll share a picture of my mutant-plant Agnes whom I almost killed three years ago by accidentally “watering” with vodka. Agnes was then rehabilitated by my mother and began to thrive and grow and I suspect change genetic make-up. She certainly doesn’t look anything like the cute yellow flowered plant I bought four years ago…


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