Halloween goodies

(Spotted in Highwood, Il)

Halloween came and went this year, but what’s surprising is how well my willpower held up to the candy. I’ve eaten a total of three pieces in the past three days the candy has been in this house. In fact there’s a bowl of it sitting next to my computer as I type and I don’t even want any.

Although, this might have less to do with will power and more to do with the fact that I always keep the kitchen stocked with desserts way more satisfying than a Butterfinger. Take, for instance, this beauty:

It was a pre-Thanksgiving test run, (what a great excuse to make a dessert twice!). And this tart not only passed, it exceeded expectations. Though, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that something with cranberry, caramel, and almond in the title was so superb.

But back to Halloween, which like any holiday deserves its own dessert.

And OK, this was my first attempt at fondant. And let me just say, yes, the stuff is cool. It’s like edible playdough and they make really cool cakes with it on TV and in real life. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But a real cake is just fine being frosted in all its buttercream, or cream cheese, or chocolate ganache frosting deliciousness. A real cake don’t need no stinkin’ fondant.

Suffice it to say, I’m not a fan of fondant.

But I do like mustard tarts! I know they have nothing to do with fondant or pumpkin cake, besides the fact that I ate them on the same day. But look what Kaitlin and I made!:

We sort of threw the vegetables on haphazardly…we were hungry.

On an entirely different note, I discovered and then indefinitely borrowed my mom’s fancy-schmancy professional-type camera. Which is about as technical as I can get at this point. I’ve spent the last 24 hours obsessively trying to understand this contraption and make it take pretty pictures. I now realize why there are endless courses on photography. Just today I’ve probably taken hundreds upon hundreds of pictures and I’ve liked about 4. We’re getting there…

I should mention most of these involve frosted cupcakes.

I have realized, yet always known, that cameras hate the lighting in our kitchen. Not to mention the dark surfaces. But today I learned that sometimes dark can (accidentally) turn out looking cool.

Or like a weird picture of eggs.


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