Scafuri Bakery: Before

Remember how I started a blog about starting a bakery?  Oh yeah. That’s what this was about…but instead I’ve been filling these pages with pictures of pretty leaves, and sure, those are fun to look at. But lately it seems like I don’t do anything but take trips and bake things, when really I’ve just been waiting to start this bakery.  A couple days ago I went with my aunt to the building, where they are beginning renovations this week.  Excited to see it? I sure was.

Drumroll please…

Ta Da!!

Not quite the beauty you expected eh?  Well, it was beautiful to me.  Sure, it’s sort of dirty, and the walls, ceilings, and floors need to be replaced, and none of the equipment works at the moment, but it has the most amazing potential.

This is our ginormous oven. I love it already because it reminds me of the big oven back in Castellina.  Except that it doesn’t work. But we’re hoping it just needs a little tender love and elbow grease.

Same with this mixer.  We’re hoping it’s timeless.

Just imagine how much cookie dough this could hold!

This is the front of the bakery, where customers would come in.  It probably won’t look anything like this when it’s finished, so take a good look and be glad it’ll be cleaner when it’s done.

A view of Taylor Street from behind the counter. From where I will stand every day.

And my very favorite part about the building? The thing I am just ecstatic about?  It’s this:

It’s the back patio on the roof of the kitchen.  It is the perfect place for a garden.  And for eating breakfast. And lunch. And dinner parties. Basically, when I’m not in the bakery and when it’s not winter, this is where I will be.

It might be a while before I post more progress with this bakery, but here is the first glimpse. I am so very excited that things are starting to happen and move forward.  However, it will take time, so until it’s up and running, I’ll be doing research, testing recipes, and of course, just baking yummy treats and sharing them.


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One response to “Scafuri Bakery: Before

  1. Denise

    It’s been so long since i’ve seen that place, but I can still smell the “smell” of the bakery when you first walk in and go through the 2-way doors to the back. Looks great!

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