The Great Outdoors

I spent a couple days in Northern Wisconsin with my wonderful friend Kaitlin.  This area, called the Northwoods, has over 1,000 lakes!  Every time we drove past one over the course of our trip, we’d yell “Lake!”, though, that may have just been me.

We biked along a trail and were attacked by various wildlife, including 3 snakes (one of which I regrettably ran over with my bike), 2 chipmunks, and some sort of pheasant type bird. Small woodland creatures can be quite terrifying when they run right in front of of you as you’re speeding down the path.

I just love fall colors. And we were surrounded by them throughout the entire trip.  I loved driving through the windy roads lined with such vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges. So much better than driving down the Kennedy at rush hour.

Lakes. Sunsets. Can’t go wrong.

Oh Deer!  We heard that because it’s deer mating season they act a little strange. As in, they hang out along the side of the road at dusk, terrifying all of us who are driving, probably just to impress their mates.  The things we do for love.

Because of the season, there are no boats on the lake, which makes it quite peaceful.

I can’t get over these colors.

We went kayaking in one of the (many) lakes, the sun was all warm and shining, it was supurb.  And the best part of all was that no persons nor cameras fell into the water!

Before our long drive home, we stopped at a wildlife/nature park, but didn’t go in because it looked a little creepy and cost 12 dollars. But we did see these two swans at the entrance for free!  They were clearly BFF’s and so adorable.

Instead of the park-zoo thing, we went down the road to a wildlife rescue facility that also keeps birds of prey who are unfit to survive in the wild. I learned that bald eagles, like the one below, look like this until they get older and their feather colors change.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that owls are really cute. They stare at you with their big eyes and dare you not to love them.

After three days of roaming the woods of Northwoods, we drove back to civilization, bringing with us some pretty pictures and the memories of a great vacation.

Oh yeah. And fudge. And beer. And cranberries.


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