On my second to last day in Castellina, I decided to wake up a little extra early (or late, compared to my previous schedule) to watch the sunrise.

I arrived back in the States yesterday, but I still have pictures and adventures to write about.  I’m glad I will be able to revisit my last days in Italy as I try to reorganize my life here in Chicago.

It was incredibly sad to say goodbye to what was, most definitely, the best summer of my life. However, I knew that my time in Tuscany could not last forever, and that I had aspirations I was not about to give up on.  It was time to move on, but I would take with me my new knowledge and the memories (and email addresses) of all my new friends.

As I prepared to return home, I knew I had to focus not on what I was leaving behind but on what I had in store.  There is so much to do, and so much to accomplish.  For now, my goal is to find another job at a bakery around Chicago, because there’s a ton more to learn before we re-open our own.  And of course, I will be at home baking up a storm, recreating all of those breads and sweets I learned to make in this past month.  And yes, I will need help with the taste testing, so come on over.

I suppose this is my hopeful post. My forward-looking, no time to be sad, let’s get started, post.  I’m ready for my next adventure!


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