In which I get to play with sprinkles

Today at the bakery, once all the bread was done and it was a reasonable hour to be awake, we made crostate.

The crostate are for a party tomorrow at the local retirement home.  Good stuff.

First, Nicola and Lina made the pasta frolla, which is a basic sweet tart dough.  Though, any time I asked about how much of an ingredient they were putting in, the only answer I ever got was “a little”.  Except they did say that for this dough, when measuring by weight, he main ingredients like sugar, eggs, and lard come out to be half the weight of flour.  So, if you have a kilo of flour, you put in half a kilo of the rest.

Oh and you heard me correctly, I did say lard.  Remember when I said we make some breads with an “oil dough”, well it’s actually lard. For this pastry you could use butter, but since they have copious amounts of lard on hand, they use it. Also, apparently the dough is a bit softer with it. (UPDATE: I have since seen the light and am a big fan of lard. The non-hydrogenated kind. It’s actually better for you than butter and makes for a spectacularly flaky pie dough!)

So then you roll out the dough, bake it for “a little bit”, spread on some marmalade, top with strips of dough and brush with an egg wash. Lovely.  Then back into the oven it goes, this time for a “little bit longer”, (I’m guessing a little more than ten minutes).

I didn’t even have time to be sad I wouldn’t get to try any, since Lina rolled out the extra dough, pulled out some cookie cutters and sprinkles, and told me to make cookies!

I had been in the middle of packing up my stuff to go home and go to sleep, but the call of sprinkles was too strong.

As you can see, I was very excited.  And even though the cookies got a little burnt in the oven, they were still delicious!


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One response to “In which I get to play with sprinkles

  1. Dearest Kelly,

    I am (admittedly selfishly) looking forward to your return, but I will definitely miss reading about your Italian culinary adventures!

    Sorry I haven’t been able to respond to your Gchat messages—my new job has me working like a crazy person all day! On the bright side, I’m writing for the food/restaurant newsletter, so I now have lots of foodie scoops.

    Chat/Skype tomorrow? I’m free all day, and I think you have some stories to share…

    Love, Kaitlin

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