La festa del cocomero

Today was a watermelon festival.

Curious as to what that is? I was too.

Apparently it includes a big market during the day, little children selling their old toys on the street, and live music in the piazza in the evening.

Almost nothing to do with watermelon.  Though there was one table in front of a church selling them.

Ever since I was told that Castellina moves slowly, I have been making a conscious effort to take my time and to not rush pass people on the street. Interestingly enough, assuming the pace of the town has allowed me to accomplish quite a lot more in a day.   I ended up having great (Italian!) conversations with many different people, and got to know everyone a little better. I met Chiara, Mario’s wife who is from Chicago, visited Ilya in the gelateria, and ran into Paola in the street.  I also bought hand-made linens for my mother (since I have become her personal shopper here), and befriended the sweet old man who sells them, (made by his wife and daughter).

Then I stopped by to visit my friend at the newsstand. He comes into the bakery every morning for his breakfast.  He’s adorable.

And I spent a lot of time talking with Patrizia in the ceramic shop. She and her husband Nino are so wonderful and I have had the most interesting conversations with the two.  The other day Nino was telling me how he and Patrizia met when they were both living in Somalia, among many other stories.  I never would have learned any of this had I just rushed in and out to say hello.  But by accepting a more relaxed pace of conversation, I found there was so much more to be said.

On another note, I am completely enamored with the sunsets here.



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2 responses to “La festa del cocomero

  1. Jeanne DeSanto

    Kelly, I hope you know that I am living vicariously through you right now . . . . and enjoying every minute of it. OXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Kelly, your photos are lovely and your blog is captivating. As much as I want you to come back home to hang out with me, part of my wants this grand adventure of yours to last forever!

    Skype date soon? I owe you a really long email, but I’d love to chat, too, if you’re free!

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