Doughnuts and traffic school

Even though my to-do list is now onto its second page, I cannot seem to stop cooking.  I am very good at procrastinating, and baking allows me to put off doing other things yet still feel somewhat productive. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with cooking in the first place.  Senior year, if I had a paper due I would bake cookies. If I had hundreds of pages of reading to finish in one night, I would try my hand at homemade bread.  It probably wasn’t the best idea, but I think my cooking skills improved and our apartment was always stocked with baked goods, which my roommate (and I) loved.

As for now, well, there’s packing.   Packing is my arch-enemy. My nemesis.  I hate it more than schoolwork.  And not just packing but the whole deal that goes along with it, like doing all of my laundry and making sure I have enough toothpaste to last the trip, and remembering things as I’m falling asleep but forgetting them the next morning.  And in this case, finding the form for the online traffic safety school course I forgot I had to complete.  So as we speak I am listening to a lady talk about the importance of wearing a seat belt.

But back to the doughnuts. Did I mention we made doughnuts?  Oh boy did we!

We also threw a little party in the backyard. This is my awesome sister grilling the vegetables.

My friend Erin is studying to be an event planner, so we teamed up to plan a little soiree for the neighbors.

Obviously, this was all more fun and delicious than packing.

But back to my online traffic lesson.  And laundry. And cleaning out the garbage in my purse. I should probably try to find a converter for my computer cord too.  Thus, the list continues…


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