The first post.

Today I found out that I’m officially going to Italy for a month-long apprenticeship at a small town bakery. And I leave in two days.  I’m insanely excited, but of course I have a million things to do before I go.  As in, now I actually have to finish everything I have on my to-do list that up until now I’ve ignored, one of which was to start this blog.  So here I am, accomplishing things.  Start blog about bakery/Italy/culinary school/food issues. Check.

Anyway, back to the blog.  I still need to figure out how pictures are going to go on this thing, so maybe this will also be my test run post.  I think I need to stop thinking out loud here.

I’m going to tell a little story about last weekend, when I got my wisdom teeth out.

Friday morning we went to the oral surgeon’s office and I was scared out of my wits. I have a very, very low tolerance for pain, and I was afraid the anesthesia was going to make me nauseous.  Anyway, it actually was not bad at all, and when I woke up I was surprised at how fine I really felt.  So I got home, lied on the couch to watch tv, found myself bored after a while, and decided to make brunch.   My mother has a bible study group with her friends, and every week they switch off who hosts. Well this Saturday morning it was going to be at our house, and I wanted to cater it.  Yes it was sort of crazy, but I was full of painkillers so really I was fine.  So that night I made a tomato leek quiche and blackberry-peach bread pudding to be baked in the morning.

When I woke up at 6am to bake the food, I still didn’t feel any horrible pain, and the food turned out wonderfully.

Later that afternoon one of my best friends from across the street came over. Alex is one of the reasons I started to become interested in cooking, and she even lent me her copy of Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything back in the day (ahem, two years ago…). It’s still on my shelf.  There’s another to-do: return book to Alex.  Anyway, Alex and I decided to make homemade bread and fruit tartlettes since the painkillers were in high gear. Wow, I’m really getting off to a good start here on this blog, talking about surgical teeth extraction and drugs. So back to the food…

We were a little kitchen-happy that day. But it was all so delicious. However, I don’t think my mouth really appreciated all of the ‘real’ food because for the next few days my gums hurt like crazy.  I never thought eating could be considered over-exertion. I suppose it was still worth it, sort of.

I’m going to end this post now because the aforementioned Alex has returned and we’re making doughnuts!  But it looks like I have officially figured out how to put pictures on a post. It’s a start!



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2 responses to “The first post.

  1. Kelly

    Now the pressure is on. You actually followed through! Curses.

  2. Brooke

    Those tarts look delicious! Love getting ideas from you for future parties I’m going to host…hopefully.

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